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The Grand Journey – FCP to AVID in a few easy steps

Andrew RiceEditing

…”Easy” is a relative term

That’s right, “Easy” is a relative term, especially when switching to a new way of doing things, but using the same basic concepts.  What do I mean you ask?  Well, I am still editing video…something I have been doing since 1999, and the tools to accomplish this task in Media Composer are similar to the tolls I am used to using in FCP.

I remember when I first switched to FCP from Premiere 1.something, or was it 2.something, in any case the swich was really easy.  The AVID proved to be a tough transition, but with a much bigger payoff!  It is simple a much more robust system designed for professionals, not prosumers. 

What do I like?  I LOVE the Smart Tool.  This tool set changes depending on where your cursor is placed on a clip.  No more going to the tool palette for a differ tool, or hitting the appropriate key…Brilliant.  I feel like I have so much more control over the timeline and individual clips within it, and its quick and easy to boot!  Oh, there that word easy again.  Well, there was one speed bump I ran into.  SYNC.  I beat my head against the wall for a little while trying to figure this out on my own and then decided to ask the community for help.  I had multiple responses in an hour or so….Hats Off to the AVID Community.

I was having trouble keeping things in SYNC when rolling, slipping, etc.  In the post I was told about SYNC LOCK, something I may have learned if I had read the manual, or watched ALL of the tutorials at lynda.com.  Ever since enabling sync locks I am flying around the timeline and making changes, and everything stays in SYNC.  Cool. 

That’s all for now!  Keep checking back, there is a lot more to share…just gotta find the time.