Kenai can take of your deliverables. Whether you need to get files to visual fx, sound mastering, or burn screeners for festivals, we have the experience and reliablitly to make it happen.
Deliverables come in all flavors. Files need to be sent to Visual FX and Audio Post. Screeners need to be sent out for review for festival submission and distribution. On the backend there are files that need to be married together again before final output. And when the project is finished you need to be sure you have sufficient backups. At Kenai Prouctions we can provide:
  • Visual FX - Motion Graphics, Titling, or files sent to a preferred VFX artist.
  • Audio Post - We own ProTools & Apple Logic, and are capable of basic sound editing and mixing, or sending xml, aaf to your preferred audio post house.
  • Bluray & DVD Screeners - We burn screeners for festivals or studios for review before broadcast, and also provide master output files to disk for final delivery.
  • Archive - Kenai will make sure your project is synchronized across multiple drives for safe & secure backup.
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