Kenai Productions purchased our AVID license

Andrew RiceEditing

It’s Official – And we are stoked!

Good bye Final Cut Pro…Hello AVID Media Composer! We made the switch, its official.  Funny, when people reference switching they usally mean switching “to Apple” not “away from Apple”.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still love my Mac Pro, and a lot of other things about Apple, and I will probably still be using FCP for quick turnaround jobs…until I get comfortable with the AVID.

That being said, I have been studying up…big shout-out here to www.lynda.com and their tutorial “Migrating from Final Cut Pro 7 to Avid Media Composer 5.5”,  and also the  “Wanna Switch?” Series by Kevin P. McAuliffe. I have some small projects I am working on that are allowing me to get comfortable with the new interface and workflow.

media composer 5b7ae6a1ebdaf67f89f893687bc24b1cThings are different, but in all actuality its really just accomplishing the same tasks with mostly the same tools in different places.  AVID really wants you to pay attention to your format first and foremost, which I find helpful.  It was easy to get started in FCP and not really know which format you were working on…with AVID you NEED to know before you can start.

The biggest change for me so far is understanding the bin structure, and also how a project is organized both in the interface and on your RAID.  The new AMA Linking (new to v5) is a really nice feature that makes the switch from FCP pretty easy.

I will keep posting what I am finding out in this new process.  But suffice it to say, we here at Kenai Productions are stoked!