We love Color! Kenai offers professional color correction, enhancement, and output for films, documentaries and commercials. We can handle any project and any workflow, from 30sec commercials to feature length films.

We work in Blackmagic Design's Davinci Resolve Studio and have a Flanders Scientific CM240 reference monitor. Additionally we have a multitude of plugins and FX that allow us to create stunning looks for a specific scene and/or for your entire film.

Getting Started:

First of all lets talk so we can hear your vision and scope of the project and understand how the project was shot and edited. This is the first determining factor of what the cost and scope of the project will be. There are a few key questions to consider, and it is always helpful to have this information on hand for our first conversation.

  • What Camera did you shoot on?
  • What format did you shoot in? i.e.: 1920x1080p23.976, 2K, 4K, raw? ProRes
  • Are we re-conforming to original camera footage?
  • What NLE did you edit in?
  • Is the picture locked?
  • What is the final delivery? i.e.: 1920x1080p23.976, 2K, 4K
  • Are we doing a basic color-correction or are we diving into specific looks for the film, and or particular scenes?
  • Are there any trouble spots with the film that you want to see fixed?


Our day rate is $750. That being said we are familiar with budgets restraints. A conversation with the information above will help us narrow down a realistic budget for your project. The key to keeping the budget low is:

  • Prepping the project correctly
  • Working with a locked cut
  • Knowing what you want so we keep revisions to a minimum.