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*%$#! Apple – Apple reportedly questioning future of Mac Pro

Andrew RiceEditing

…Apple decides to stick it to the Pro’s, one more time!

Apple reportedly questioning future of Mac Pro: Reported from Appleinsider

First they screw Pro’s by releasing FCPX. Read more on my blog for how lame this product was! And don’t get me wrong, I have been a long time Apple Loyalist. I have been on an Apple since 1991, and have used FCP for years.

Now they are going to kill the machine that all Pros rely on! Great. Way to go Apple! No, it is not as profitable as the iMac, or any other iThing, but c’mon, you will be forcing all the Pro’s to go the way of the PC. An excruciating concept! Show a little support and loyalism to the ones that stuck with you through the not so profitable years!

%$#@! I am pissed off at this news! I really hope Apple does the right thing.