OnSet Dailies & Deliverables

On location or in the studio our sister company, KenaiPOST, provides reliable dailies & deliverable solutions you can depend on.

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SCRATCH 7 screen shotNext Generation Dailies

KenaiPOST offers dailies review from tablets, phones or personal computer. Our review system lets users review unlimited clips for review including metadata and notes that are carried through the post production pipeline. You can specify who is able to access the review system, ensuring security of your media.

Digital Imaging Technician

KenaiPOST monitors the aspects of the image, creates LUT's, and manages the proper workflow of the camera system. We work very closely with the DP to accomplish the goal of the project, while ensuring the integrity of the DP and Director's vision through the post production pipeline in a non-destructive method.

Digital Asset Management

KenaiPOST can work seamlessly with Arri Alexa, RED ONE, RED EPIC, Sony F3, Blackmagic, JVC, Panasonic, Phantom, Canon and GoPro, and provide file-based deliverables for Avid, Premiere & Final Cut Pro. Kenai can archive to LTO tape to ensure project integrity and accessibility is maintained over time.


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