Why Do We Need Color Correction?

Terence Curren does a great job of explaining why Color Correction is an essential part of the post-production workflow.

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Turning Hawaii into the Old West

...Green to brown in a few easy steps

***Before & After movie at the bottom of this post!***

roundup1-thmb f65c773c12f435761da5fe083e02535cOur latest project, a short film called The Roundup, posed some interesting hurdles for us to jump over in the world of Post.  I was lucky enough to work on this project with Stefan Schaefer of Cicala Filmworks.  Stefan and I have worked on a few projects together now and have developed a productive and fun, yes...we do surf together a few times a week, working relationship. This project was destined for The Short List, a compilation of 5 shorts produced by Talk Story Productions, and premiering at the HIFF.

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